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It’s All About The People

One of the most important things in an organization is the people.

Companies prosper when employees feel satisfied with their workplace, believe in the company’s purpose and are able to work together effectively.

However, if people within the company lose motivation, develop counter-productive behaviours and start thinking about leaving the company, it can become a huge threat for the future of the company.

Two Key Challenges

Organizational Change Integration

Companies are constantly changing and evolving. This affects the employees who might need to take on different tasks and challenges. Change can often be met with fear and resistance from employees, so company leaders need to know how to address these challenges.

Team Conflict

Increasingly teams work across organizational boundaries and within more complex lines of management. They can also be in different geographical locations working virtually, which adds to the complexity of team dynamics and deteriorates the relationships amongst team members.  

Real Life Point Of View

Sarma Jeca

Sarma Jeca has worked in complex multicultural environment for more than 20 years, and has experienced first-hand how it’s like for a large company to go through these challenges.

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