Organizational Change Integration

Gain insight into what’s really going on in the heads of your employees during a period of change


Changing from a status quo is difficult for almost every human being, let alone large teams of people within big organizations.

When companies change their organizational culture and processes, their employees often need to establish new ways of working together, as well as to develop new skills in order to be better equipped for the role.

Not only is this challenging for the employees, but also for the leaders of the company who need to be able to inspire people into embracing the change.

If they fail to do so, employees lose motivation for their job, or even leave, which quickly becomes a financial and managerial problem for the company.

How we help

To tackle these challenges, we use the systems-psychodynamic approach. This starts with a simple online survey which then leads to staff interviews and a more in-depth organizational review where the damaging emotional and behavioral patterns are diagnosed.

We also collaborate with the client in order to gain insight into their perspective which, combined with our expertise, helps us identify opportunities to develop their change management processes.

This can be a variety of things ranging from creating activities to enable employees to process the change, through to real-time problem solving around the challenges that arise. 

By helping employees accept the change of status quo and mitigate the resistance towards it, the company will be able to evolve without worrying about impairing the effectiveness of their staff.

Real Life Point Of View

Sarma Jeca

Sarma Jeca has worked in complex multicultural environment for more than 20 years, and she has experienced first hand how it’s like for a large company to go through these challenges.

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