Team Conflict Resolution

Maximize performance of your team despite the challenges and tensions that often arise.


The larger the organization, the harder it is for people to effectively communicate and work together.

More and more teams work at different locations within very complex lines of management, which adds to the complexity of team relationships and dynamics. This often leads to unresolved issues and conflicts within a team.

This causes employees to shift their focus from achieving targets and producing results to unresolved issues and their own emotional state.

What this means for the company is a significant decline in the team’s performance.

How we help

Using the systems-psychodynamic approach we create a safe environment. This enables the people within the company to have more meaningful and reflective discussions, as well as to gain a better understanding of the differences in values and perceptions.

By doing this, the teams co-create collective capacity for creative thinking and can reframe problems that have previously felt too difficult to deal with.

It also helps the teams to make sense of their work thus increasing their overall competence, enabling them to reach their full potential and deliver enhanced performance in a challenging and turbulent environment.

We also interview people within the organization as part of the initial diagnostic which provides feedback for groups and individuals on how they are working together. This enables us to highlight the aspects that are supporting or restricting the effectiveness of the team.

The teams get an in-depth insight into their strengths and how to harness them. We also look at the dynamics that are less helpful and might get into the way of communication between the team members.

Sometimes it is about surfacing some of the more difficult assumptions, emotions or stuck patterns of behavior in order to make progress.

These steps help the organization to create an open, transparent and constructive team culture where people feel safe and listened to.

It also ensures that when the future tensions arise, team members will know how to better deal with these situations and perform at their best.

What it means for the company is that their employees will be able to perform at their highest level no matter what challenges may arise.

Real Life Point Of View

Sarma Jeca

Sarma Jeca has worked in complex multicultural environment for more than 20 years, and she has experienced first hand how it’s like for a large company to go through these challenges.

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